The Summer of SHE, Chapter 2

Momentum is a funny thing. 

In his seminal book, Good to Great, Jim Collins describes momentum with a concept he calls “The Flywheel Effect.” In that example, Collins describes how difficult it is and how much energy it takes to first move a large, heavy flywheel, but, that once it’s moving, the faster it goes, the easier it is to turn. Anyone who has ever started a company or a nonprofit understands what that’s like. 

She Supply was started in 2016 by our co-founders, Kathy Meyer, and Shari Mayes, after they watched a YouTube video about period poverty and decided to do something about it. In the six years that followed, She Supply sdistributed ONE MILLION period products to women and girls living in poverty in DFW. 

Last year, we distributed more than 500,000 more and this year, we’re committed to distributing ONE MILLION period products in 2024. 

But we can’t do that alone. Thanks to friends, family, faith communities, companies, and students, we haven’t had to. 

Momentum is officially building

Last May, to help our collection efforts, we were struck with a very fun idea for a collection event. But as creative ideas often do, it showed up a little late to the party. The idea was to challenge high school and college students to collect 100+ boxes of period products between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We called the challenge “The Summer of SHE” and even with the late start, the amazing girls who participated collected more than 5,000 products! 

This year, our goal is to have at least 25 high school and college students participate and to collect at least 25,000 products. But what we need first, is help sharing the Summer of SHE with girls (or guys) you know who might be willing to take on our fun summer challenge. 

Know anyone? Here’s the information you can share with them!


Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, collect 100+ full, unopened boxes of tampons or pads. Any brand. Any size. Any quantity. 


  1. Make the decision to join the “Summer of SHE” challenge to collect 100+ boxes of product for She Supply
  1. Email your Name, email, and phone number to “Summer of SHE” Coordinator Hannah Moffat at: [email protected] to register
  1. We want to recognize your commitment! If you’re good with social media recognition, please include a picture of yourself and your Instagram and Facebook handles in your email to Hannah.
  1. On Saturday, September 7, bring your collected products to our Summer of SHE Collection Event for fun, food, and friendship plus cool T-Shirts and swag!

If you’re wondering how to collect 100+ boxes of product in 10 weeks, we can help you there too!

Collecting 100+ boxes of tampons and pads over the summer sounds like a lot. But think of all the incredible good your donation will do. 

The key to collecting 100+ boxes is breaking it down into smaller goals. Instead of 100+ boxes, think of it as collecting 10 boxes a week. That’s doable. Next, think about all the sources you have to ask for a donation: 

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Coworkers
  • Students
  • Teammates
  • Friends from Church

Next, have FUN! Think of entertaining ways to get people together and encourage them to donate a box or two. Here are a few things we’ve had success with, but we know you’ll have great ideas on your own:

  1. NEIGHBORHOOD PRODUCT DRIVE – Deliver a note about the “Summer of SHE” challenge to each of the houses in your neighborhood asking them to purchase product and leave it outside their door on a given date. On that date, walk the houses in your neighborhood and pick up the donated products. Include your phone number so they can contact you if they forget the pickup date.
  1. GAMES/BOOK CLUB/BIBLE STUDY/CHURCH GROUP – If you are in any kind of small group, encourage the other members to bring a box of product to each of your get togethers during the summer to donate to She Supply. 
  1. LEVERAGE LARGE ORGANIZATIONS – In the band? On the cheer team? Play sports? If you are in a large organization, reach out to the members of your organization to help. Many hands make the load light and if everyone helps, you get to 100 in a hurry.
  1. PERIOD POVERTY INDEPENDENCE DAY – Organize a neighborhood Potluck dinner for July 4th or July 5th and invite people to bring a box of product along with their dish. Share the She Supply mission with them and invite them to keep participating if they can.

Any assistance you can give us to help share this information with a student interested in changing the world is much appreciated. Thank you for helping support the She Supply mission to help women and girls in need. Have a safe, happy summer and have fun working to change lives in North Texas! 


Send your name, email, phone number, picture, and social handles to “Summer of SHE” Coordinator Hannah Moffat today at: [email protected] 

To make a gift to support the She Supply mission to end period poverty in North Texas, please visit us at: