Celebrate the Season of Love by Helping Others

With Valentine’s Day in full swing, February is a great time to celebrate the women in your life. To help, we compiled this guide on ways to spend the month with your favorite “galentines”, and help women in need.   

Host a Galentine’s Party

Invite your friends to a night filled with fun games and activities! Get creative and make the party any theme you want. Some activity ideas are: Create a Valentine-themed scavenger hunt where valentines with gift cards, chocolate, or flower bouquets are hidden for your friends to find. You can also do a Valentine-themed game night or baking contest. Prizes could include a donation to She Supply to help spread the love with women in need.

Many women in North Texas that are in poverty and are experiencing homelessness are in dire need of basic feminine hygiene products. During a holiday of spreading love and affection to one another, take a stance against period poverty by donating here.

Host a Donation Drive

Donation drives are a great way to get people together!  There are a multitude of options on where to host a donation drive. Whether it be at your workplace, a volunteer organization, or church, you have lots of opportunities to connect with local women. An idea for hosting a Galentine-themed donation drive can be “celebrating female friendships” to exemplify the strong bond between women in our community. This month is all about displaying acts of affection and appreciation to one another, so hosting a donation drive is a great way of bringing the community closer. To start planning your donation drive, you can use our ​​planner here!

Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day can also be a day to practice self-love and care! If you want to lounge in for the day, but still express gratitude, buy yourself a pampering item off of Amazon, like a face mask or bath bomb. While you’re there, add an item off the Amazon wish list for She Supply! This is a quick, easy way to give back to the community, and items ship directly to She Supply.

Whether you’re celebrating by spending the day with your galentines or solo, it’s a great time of year to recognize and celebrate the women that make your world a better place!