She Supply Celebrates International Women’s Day

Guest blogger: She Supply Intern Camryn

Strong, empathetic, intelligent, resilient, and passionate are all qualities that I attribute to women
all over the world. Having to put up with societal standards such as being a size 0 in jeans,
always being polite, being attractive 24/7, staying at home to take care of children, and never
raising your voice, is hard to handle. You may think some of these are outdated societal
standards, but it’s surprising really that some people still believe this is what should be expected
of women today. However, the women of today are strong and resilient for defying these
ridiculous standards and expectations. Did you know that 89% of registered nurses in the U.S
are female, and that 85% of social workers are female as well! Women have dealt with so much
and still choose to be empathetic and passionate towards the world, which is what makes
women truly amazing! Have you used a circular saw, an aquarium, or eaten ice cream? All of
these inventions were created by women before it was socially acceptable for women to even
get a higher education! Kurt Cobain once said in a song, “ Never met a wise man, if so it’s a
woman.” This quote stands up to discrimination and proclaims that women are indeed
International Women’s Day is a day that was started in 1911, a day that should’ve been
celebrated much earlier. To celebrate International Women’s Day I’ve decided to talk about the
women that have inspired me! The first woman is Amelia Earhart; in a time ravaged by war and
an international low status of women in society, Amelia was the first woman to ever fly across
the Atlantic solo! Her story told many young girls that their dreams of being aviators were
achievable! The second woman that has inspired me is Malala Yousafzai. Malala is an activist
for female education in a patriarchal Pakistan. Over the years, Malala has drawn attention to a
global epidemic that is the lack of female education in less developed countries. Through her
work Malala was able to establish a fund for women’s education! Although there are so many
inspirational women in the world, the one that has truly inspired me is Rosa Parks. Rosa was a
black woman who refused to conform to a racist society. After getting arrested for refusing to
give up her seat for a white man, Rosa became the first female civil rights activist. Her arrest
inspired many others to boycott the Montgomery, Alabama Bus System finally leading to a
change in a discriminatory system!
She Supply recognizes that International Women’s Day is a vital celebration for the world.
Without it, we cannot truly recognize the amazing women that help the world function!