We’ve Been Good

Dear Santa, 

Greetings from all your friends at She Supply! Hope you and Mrs. Claus are well and staying cool up North. You would NOT have enjoyed this year’s summer here in Texas, but it’s all good! We made it and we’re eagerly awaiting your arrival. 

As we hope you are well aware – you being the keeper of the nice and naughty list and all – we’ve been very good this year. We are still on our mission to end period poverty in North Texas, and we’ve got to tell you, this has been our biggest and best year yet. We recognize that news may not have made it all the way to the North Pole, so if you’ll allow us, here’s a little recap to remind you what we’ve been up to. 

In January, She Supply distributed our ONE MILLIONTH period product to women living in poverty. We delivered that product to our friends at The Family Place. BTW, they definitely need to be on your “nice” list for the work they do saving families affected by domestic violence. We are blessed to work with The Family Place and call them friends. You should bring them something extra special this year. 

Speaking of nice, in March, She Supply co-founder Kathy Meyer was honored by M&Ms as one of 20 women in the U.S. “Flipping The Status Quo.” How cool is that? Out of a hundred million women across the country, Kathy was chosen as one of 20 exceptional women who saw a need in their communities and fought to do something about it. We’re super proud of her too.

As much fun as it was seeing Kathy up on big video board in Times Square, April might have been our nicest month of the year. It was certainly the most fun! In April, She Supply hosted 250 girls from Dewitt Perry, a Title 1 Middle School in Carrollton, for a private showing of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret!” It was the perfect intersection of mission and culture, and we had a blast hosting these young women for a morning at the movies. We laughed! We cried! And everyone went home with goody bags full of teenage pads, fuzzy socks, and a hardback copy of Judy Blume’s book! If you haven’t seen the movie, highly recommend.

In May, we were excited to find out She Supply was a finalist for the D CEO “Organization of the Year” Award in the Micro division but that was nothing compared to winning the award in July. It was awesome! And see, it’s not just us that thinks we’ve been good this year. M&Ms and D CEO agree. 

We could go on about the 5,000+ products we collected during the Summer of SHE, or the more than $15,000 our friends, family, and supporters donated to She Supply for North Texas Giving Day. It’s been quite a year for us. But here’s the thing Santa – we have so much more work to do. So many women and girls in need of cleanliness, dignity, and help. 

When we sat down to write you this letter, we thought long and hard about what we wanted you to bring this year. Assuming, of course we are indeed on your good list, here’s what would make us really happy:

  1. More products. As we said Santa, we were pretty excited to deliver our ONE MILLIONTH product this year, but now, we want to follow that up by delivering ONE MILLION products in 2024 alone! Yeah, we know that’s a lot. But with plenty of help, we know we can do it. Not sure how many tampons and pads will fit in the sleigh but load us up! 
  2. More donors. Santa, She Supply has the best friends and family support of any organization we know. But for us to keep growing, we need new donors. New people excited about helping the more than 150,000 female-led households in North Texas living below the poverty line. If you know anyone like that, we would love to meet them. 
  3. More volunteers. As it’s been said, “many hands make the load light.” We love welcoming new volunteers into the organization to help us make good on our mission. Yes, we are “unapologetically female,” but we welcome anyone who wants to dive in and help. We have a Dad helping out with marketing and that hasn’t been so bad. 
  4. More partners. We are so thankful for our partners Santa. Across the Metroplex from food pantries to domestic violence shelters to female empowerment groups, we are blessed to partner with extraordinary organizations as committed as we are to helping women and girls in need. We have more than a dozen partners now, but we’re always excited to add more.  
  5. More opportunities to help women and girls in need. Seeing as you hit every home in the Metroplex, we’re sure you know who could really use our help. As we continue to collect more donations and more products each year, we’ll be able to help more and more people and we’re excited to expand She Supply’s current reach into high schools, and other organizations that can help us distribute period products to those who need them most. 

Santa, we could keep going, but we totally get there’s only so much room in the sleigh. The truth is, we’re pretty blessed. And if you want to share some of our gifts with others less fortunate, that’s more than good with us. We love adding joy and love into the lives of those less fortunate and we know you do too. 

Hope you, Rudolph and the other reindeer have a safe trip around the world. We believe in what you’re doing, and we appreciate everything you do for us. 

Happy Holidays big guy!

Your friends at She Supply

To make a gift to support the She Supply mission to end period poverty in North Texas, please visit us here.